Create Your Own

Belize is home to the most Beautiful Exotic Hardwoods & tone woods in the world, used By many of the most famous guitar makers for Many years.

Here is a list of the woods and for what parts they can be used.

  • Mahogany – For Necks, Backs & Sides & Bindings
  • Red Cedar – For Top or Soundboard
  • Zericote – For Fret boards, Bridges & Inlays
  • Jobio – For Backs & Sides
  • Che Chem ( Poison Wood ) – For Backs & Sides
  • Barbajalote ( Tamarind ) – For Neck, Backs & Sides
  • Purple Heart – Backs & Sides
  • Rose Wood – Backs & Sides

Any Combination of these beautiful Woods can be ordered to personalize your Custom Guitar. Also available are custom Bridges; Crocodile, Palm Trees, Chile Pepper, or your original design.

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